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Forum rules

In the event that anyone reads this, here are the general rules for the forum:

1. Try not to be a jerk. Maybe I've been working on Civil Protection too long, but I'd prefer to see some civil discussion here. This is intentionally vague, like most constitutions. It's a nice blanket rule to catch anything not specified.

2. Don't insult people unless it's obviously a joke. While this is a rather radical concept for the internet, I don't see much good coming out personal insults towards anyone here. This doesn't mean you can't attack another person's concepts, statements, and arguments, but if you're reverting to outright insults, it really casts doubt on whatever point it is you're trying to make and is unlikely to contribute anything productive.

3. Don't make child pornography jokes or comments, directly or implied. For reasons I don't understand, some people on the internet talk about child pornography so much they need a damn abbreviation for it. This means every time I say “CP” as an abbreviation for “Civil Protection”, one of the core shows produced here, some creeps come out of the woodwork and start making child pornography jokes. I don't know what the hell is wrong with everyone, but I don't want to see that behavior here. Any use of “CP” here will be assumed to stand for “Civil Protection.” The End.

4. This kind of falls under #1, but don't say overtly racist or sexist things that would probably be classified in a court as hate speech.

5. For the soundtrack section specifially, don't post attachments of music files, find external links if you wish to do so.

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